What I See

If you’ve seen Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, you probably remember the beginning snow scene where Luke gets attacked by a snow beast. Well, if you remember the part about a minute before the attack where he looks through his binoculars–that’s close to what I see, except without the blacked out blind spots and the lines that outline […]

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

I was actually diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa before I was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome. I think that this is common, because while Retinitis Pigmentosa is rare, Usher Syndrome is even less common. Retinitis Pigmentosa is when the retina cells on the back of the eye begin to slow die. The retina cells are made up of […]

15 Random Facts about Hearing Aids

Here are fifteen random facts about wearing hearing aids: 1) Hearing aids run on batteries, which is why I always keep extra hearing aid batteries with me. 2) My hearing aids cannot get wet! Water will cause them to stop working. This is why I freak out when I am around a pool, fountain, or even when […]

Diagnosing My Hearing Loss

A little girl presses her ear to the refrigerator, listening to it hum. Before my diagnosis, I had never known that refrigerator made noises, however soft they were. This is just what I’ve been told happened when I arrived home at age five with my new hearing aids in my ears. All of my memories […]

Hearing Loss Stimulator

Hearing loss stimulators take different sounds, such as nature, conversations, and music, and play them with full frequencies and then with certain frequencies removed to represent different hearing loss ranges: mild, moderate, and severe. If I were awesome at computer programming, I would create an audio filter that could be changed to correlate to a […]